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Coralie Prévert

Coralie Prévert, the brand, is born in 2014 in Florence and was created in 2016 in Paris. 
The brand featured at first printed silk scarfs and evolved further with precious silk kimonos and now, interior decoration. It is a world of beautiful contemporary and colourful graphics designed in Paris and printed by Italian artisans, from the province of Como, northern Italy. With every piece, you will meet roots and voyages, harmony, extravagance, graphics and words.

Coralie, the designer, lived in Florence when she drew her first scarfs and worked for different prêt-à-porter brands. Now she lives and continues drawing in Paris. She loves working with abstract and geometric forms; the best moment being the colouring.    Influenced by the decorative arts, the architecture from the 30's, the avant-garde period of the XIXth century and the design period from the 50's, Coralie loves words and etymologies, understanding the meanings and the forms of the words that surround us.

Are you looking for a way to wear your scarf? Here is a video that will enlight your day: How to tie your scarf

And remember: "No Gun, just wear a nice scarf " - Prince