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Happy 2019! Mix, re-mix and match!

People ask us: how do you mix and match different types of chairs, the old and the new, the colors and the whites? 
We would say, just mix by instinct, but we realize that it is more complex than that. Different homes, different architectures, different lights inside just like outside.
I remember buying a beautiful red and ocher kilim rug during a trip to Fès in Marocco and coming back proud about my deal and excited to unroll it in my Oslo appartment. It was a white and beautiful winter and I thought that colors would bring a bit of warmth.
Well... I felt like I just moved into a traditional Norwegian cottage..and this was not at all the idea I first had in mind! 
I still have the rug, but we now live in a house with more space and light floors. The rug finally found its home!
So, mix and match is about playing with modern design, traditional furniture and your everyday favorite articles. Even presenting your kids' toys!
Show life, let your home tell a story which is yours.
Let this year be a year of colors, of mixing the old and the new, of living happily and consciously!
Happy 2019!

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